The Allure of Autumn Landscapes

October – Northwestern Connecticut, Jim Laurino, 24×28

Autumn officially arrived this week—the season of harvest celebrations, shorter days ennobled by golden light and flushed sunsets, and artwork celebrating the colorful landscapes that tug at our emotions and inspire deep reflection as winter approaches.

Poets have written odes to autumn throughout the ages, and Robert Louis Stevenson concludes his brief poem Autumn Fires with this stanza:

Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall! 

He’s talking about literal fires, bonfires, in one sense, but also about the fire in the landscape as the leaves turn gold and crimson in their annual display.

Gregory James Gallery’s top-tier regional artists are visual poets of autumn, capturing in their works the beauty and nuanced emotional complexity of the season.

We have autumn scenes by Thomas Adkins and Jim Laurino, contemporaries who sometimes paint together, and works from the past that worship autumn in varying ways by Ralph Della- Volpe and Woldemar Neufeld—and those are just a sampling of the autumn scenes currently on display in the gallery (and for sale).

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Left, Farm in Autumn, Ralph Della-Volpe, 20×24
Right, Old Maples in Fall, Woldemar Neufeld, 26×20


Platt Farm Changing Season, Thomas Adkins, 20×24



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